Kids Parties

How do I book you? 

Give us a call or email.  Let us know when (and, if you already know, where) you are hoping to have your party, how many children you're inviting, how old the birthday person will be and how long you would like us to entertain the children at your party. We will give you suggestions and costings based on what would be suitable for your particular party. We can use a larger track layout for sports halls with 4 cars going round at a time or, for a smaller hall, we would recommend 2 cars on the track - you can still have both types of car to use, if you wish.   

How long do you need to set up and clear away? 

Providing we can get our trailer close to the door that leads straight in to your chosen hall (see note on access below), we can set everything up in 30 minutes.  After the driving party finale, we would expect to clear away while the party guests are sitting down and enjoying their party food.  

What access do you need? 

We need a minimum width of 100cm to get the cars through all doorways etc. and reasonably flat access all the way from where we are allowed to park our large trailer to your hall.